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We are so glad to have you here. GoAffiliate has a wide variety of products for you tho share to your followers. You can post content to your websites, blogs, YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook and wherever your followers follow you. We sell products that are worth sharing. We have products for every category. So no mater the niche, you have something to make money off of.

Our Commission

We make the pay worth your sharing  giving you 25% of the sale. This is more than most other programs. GoAffiliate believes you deserve to be paid for your hard work.

When Do You Get Paid?

Our payout schedule is twice a month on a bi-weekly setup. There is a minimum threshold of $100. So you need to reach this threshold before our automatic payout deposits the pay. With our PayPal Payout, you are guaranteed the fastest way to get paid. You can choose the option of getting you pay via snail-mail, but this takes longer to be mailed out. 

Tracking Your Sales

With the easy to use affiliate portal you keep track of your sales and commissions. It shows you your click throughs, confirmed sales, and your commission earning. 

The Affiliate Portal

This powerful and fun tool allows you to see all of the Stats you need to be a successful affiliate. You have control to use our ads, banners, and links to share. We also provide a tool so you can create your own unique links. You can also view your payouts and current earnings.

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